Justin Miscolcze

I met Tom a few years back. We worked in the same building. I was looking to get out of the renting scene and finally own my own home/land. As fate would have it, a co-worker knew my situation and also mentioned Tom had just achieved his realtors license. So Tom and I collaborated about what I was in the market for and my financial situation. As I’m sure anyone who has ever purchased a home has experienced, finding the perfect home can get discouraging. It certainly takes time. But Tom went above and beyond. No matter how far away, or what time was good for me, he was ready to show me the homes I wanted to see. He was always available to answer my questions whenever I needed him. And no matter how dumb my questions were, he was always professional. At the very last showing, the house we ending up falling in love with, Tom lost his cell phone on the way up, which was 40 miles/45 minutes from where we were both coming from. His persistance and determination refused to let him miss our appointment and got him where he needed to be without so much as a map, gps, or way to contact anyone. HA! Three months later we were the proud new owners of our first home. We’ve been here over 2 years, and never dream of being anywhere else, and we owe it all to Tom Rehberg of Redbeard Real Estate!

— Justin Miscolcze