4 Steps to Setting Goals


As 2017 comes to an end I look back at the past year and feel that I accomplished what I wanted to do.  What exactly was that?…I knew what I wanted to do this past year, but I went hap-hazardly about getting it done.  My problem was is maybe I had a goal, but I did not write it down and actually formulate a plan to achieve it.

So I am sitting down writing my personal and business goals and decided to share what helped me.

1. Write it Down

So simple.  Simple does not mean easy.  It takes time to figure out what goals to focus on.  I would suggest making a personal and business/career development goal and work your way down.

2. Plan it out

How do you achieve the goals you have?  Do you have a timeline of when you want to achieve that goal?  If you want to bench press 200 lbs you have to be able to bench 190 first. 

3. Keep your goals visible

Writing them down is a part of that.  Tape it up on your laptop.  Use it as a bookmark.  Save it as the home-screen on your phone.  Either way you should look at your goals daily.

4. GO(AL)

The hardest part is actually starting.  I promise after the first cold-call, first day at a new job, first rejection…it gets easier.  Do not let your fear keep you from starting