Where to start as a new real estate agent?


I have gotten my real estate license in 3 different states over 5 years.  I currently have my license in New York and am in the process of starting my business in the Brooklyn area.   In my experience there is no guide on where to start and what to start on.   Here are a few tips I would have for brand new agents.

1.   Lead Generation

-Pick up the phone.  I know its hard in today’s world but you HAVE to let people know you are in business.  How would you feel if your best friend was misrepresented by another agent?  What if they lost money because you did not represent their interests?

     a.  People you know

     b.  Expired/For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

     c.  Circle Prospecting

2.  Marketing/Branding

-Business cards, fliers, listing packages, social media, customer relationship manager (CRM).  You can either take the time do it yourself, or you can purchase from other sources.  Classic Time vs. Money argument.  It is important to have aspects of your business set up so you can be more efficient.

     a.  Get business cards

     b.  Implement/Purchase CRM

     c.  Social media

You can set up your listing packages and fliers when you set up your first appointment.

3.  Training

-Take advantage of all the resources available to you.  Books, Youtube, Local Board of Realtors, Office training.  You are in the business of selling yourself.  People need to be able to trust you to make one of the largest financial transactions of their lives, the least you could do for them is be knowledgeable.   Keller Williams has brand recognition and offers a ton of training in-office and online.  

     a.  Time-block

     b. Know the contracts


-Being a real estate agent is not an easy job.  If you are commiting full-time with no other income you may be in for a rough ride.  Figure a minimum of 45 days from contract to close.  Plus the time it took to nurture the lead and you could be looking at 6 months with no income.  It is a business, so treat it like one.  If you are developing leads and following up consistently you will avoid the roller coaster of real estate commissions.